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Intervention Process

Phone Conversation

  • Discuss addiction situation, intervention and recovery options
  • Schedule detailed assessment

Comprehensive Assessment

  • Gather detailed history
  • Determine intervention approach and recovery plan of action

Intervention Strategy Plan

Day 1-Preparation For Intervention

  • All intervention strategy and details worked out
  • Participants rehearse and orchestrate the intervention procedure
  • All treatment and travel arrangements have been organized

Day 2-Intervention Takes Place

  • Concern, love and support are expressed
  • Confirmed motivation for change acknowledged

Follow Up

  • Help family through transition/early recovery stage
  • Continued contact and support for client in treatment in early stages of recovery

*Note: Please be aware all interventions are custom designed to fit the individual circumstances and needs. Depending how quickly or complicated the process may be, will determine the most appropriate path to orchestrate the intervention process.

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