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Addiction Navigation Services


Consultation Addiction Recovery Assessment

A professional evaluation to analyze, strategize and chart the most healthy, beneficial course of action to begin the recovery process. (Cost is applied to intervention services if decided one is necessary.)


Family, friends, colleagues are guided through a respectful course of action, whereby helping the one suffering to choose treatment and work a healthy recovery program. Placement into quality treatment according to the individual’s circumstances and needs is top priority.

Recovery Emissary

Professional recovery assistance for individual’s transitioning into everyday lifestyles through one-on-one guidance and support. Customized and confidential to each individual’s circumstances and needs, this service is proven highly beneficial for the following:

  • Recovery support while away from treatment on a pass.
  • Support while on the job, first returning home or when traveling.
  • Assistance connecting to additional clinical resources and recovery community support (i.e. Outpatient Programs, Physicians, Therapists, Sober Livings, Extended Care, 12-Step Meetings etc.)
  • Critical assistance during peak using times or in situations needing more individual recovery support.
  • Assistance for family members in connecting with Al-Anon or other recovery resources.

Recovery Advocacy Case Management

Professional, confidential supervision and support for a continuing care plan. This extended service allows clients the personal responsibility and accountability for utilizing the skills acquired during the treatment process. Through continuous contact with a trained professional on a regular basis, it offers stability and needed support for those having a difficult time with early recovery or in moving past difficult challenges in their recovery. Each is managed according to personal history, progress in treatment and what is needed for a continuing care program. This service welcomes support from family or the workplace in participating in the recovery process respectfully.

* This is a MAXIMUM STRENGTH phone support that fits every busy schedule.

Addiction Recovery Counseling/Coaching

Confidential one-on-one recovery counseling designed to fit personal schedules and busy professional lifestyles. Available for onsite visits at home or work.

Family Addiction Recovery Counseling/Coaching

Families are offered the opportunity to dialogue and explore how the family operates as part of the addicted system. Helping others recognize codependency as its own addictive process and how addiction and codependency are multigenerational in the family system. Also explored is the social and emotional impact addiction has on the family and creates an opportunity for honest communication with one another in a safe and healthy environment.

Court Liaison & Criminal Justice Addiction

Professional Work with attorneys, judges and clients on cases involving drug and/or alcohol issues. A Legal Treatment Plan is offered to the courts for which the client agrees to comply as an alternative to jail or prison. Specilaize in Out-Of-State DUI Substance Evaluations, Alcohol & Drug Testing, Outpatient Counseling. In depth knowledge of the Motor Vehicle Department requirements in other states along with the national database system’s current implementation.

Sober Recovery Transport

Transporting persons to or from treatment, or for any other safe transport recovery needs.
Neuro-Behavioral Learning Program 
A clinical-based computer navigational program designed for active lifestyles. This science driven, evidenced based Neurofeedback training protocol allows clients the ability to help restore brain functioning, reduce cravings, help control impulses, reduce depression, decrease anxiety, increase open-mindedness, improve emotional connectedness, develop quality sleep and expand clarity of mind. Highly beneficial for recurring relapse clients.


Creative Recovery Workshops

Native American Teachings and Recovery:

  • Mind Mapping
  • Wellbriety (Red Road to Recovery)
  • Medicine Wheel and The 12-Steps


Choice Theory and Recovery

Family And Multi-Group Sessions:

  • Preventive Strategy for Backsliding and Relapse
  • Tracking Addictive Behavior Patterns and Transforming Them Consciously
  • Awareness of Existing Enabling and Codependency Issues
  • Identifying Addictive, Compulsive, Apathetic and Healthy Relationships
  • Setting and Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries
  • Developing Healthy Communication Skills
  • Establishing and Maintaining Goals
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Critical Handling of Powerlessness
  • Unmanageability and Tough Love
  • Understanding Acceptance as Being the Source to Tranquility, Serenity and Peace
  • Create a Cognitive Awareness of Being in the Here and Now.