The planning of our dad’s intervention took weeks filled with family arguments, friends who wanted to sabotage the intervention and numerous other unforeseen obstacles that made me often second guess why we even cared enough to go through all this madness for a man who’s behavior hurt the ones he loved so much. Jean was our anchor through the entire process. This easily would have never happened if we hadn’t hired a professional to handle the details, the upsets and definitely the emotions of everyone involved.

My dad did not go easy. I cried after the intervention thinking that after all was said and done, he still said he wouldn’t go. Jean stayed and reiterated with us what each of us agreed to do differently now. I remember feeling a sense of relief that at least we were all heard as a group standing together and without shaming him. I felt like it was a death that I just needed to accept. Four days later my dad went to treatment. As stubborn as he was he couldn’t hold up to the three young grandchildren who were too young to attend but were requested by Jean to submit hand-made cards asking him to make himself well again.

-Ruth, Bolingbrook, IL

Our son was a stellar science engineer major from Loyola Marymount University. He graduated with honors and returned to Oahu to begin work as a mechanical engineer at Pearl Harbor. It was a dream job but one he wasn’t able to keep because of his addiction to marijuana and alcohol. Another family in the neighborhood who had suffered similar problems referred us to Jean Mackie. The irony is that neither they nor us have ever met Jean in person. We thought for sure we’d need to do an intervention, but her coaching over the phone enabled us to get him to go to treatment without one. We also thought treatment was all he needed to get back to normal, but soon found out the real work started after he returned home. I don’t know what we would have done if we hadn’t had Jean as a Case Manager to help guide us through some serious tough times and adjustments. I never want to go through that first year ever again. Having had an addiction professional who was available for all three of us was a huge help in our son’s recovery having real staying power.

-Samantha, Honolulu, Hawaii

“I’m one SOB as a drunk. THEY NEVER WOULD HAVE GOTTEN ME ANY OTHER WAY.” Thanks, Jean.

-Sol, Rocklin, CA

As a talent manager who represents a select group of named talent, it’s of grave importance to know the people I’m representing can actually do the work they’re hired to do. A client of mine had just returned from a drug/alcohol treatment program. She was doing well so I called to book her for five days of movie work that would begin immediately. She responded hesitantly referring to it as being a possible trigger for her. Not sure whether to turn it down or take the work, we discussed having an addiction professional be with her while on the set. She wasn’t apposed to the idea but wanted to keep her confidentiality about her recovery. I spoke with Jean Mackie who suggested she have a Recovery Emissary be with her while on the set but under the guise of another title that would make sense as to why this person would be sticking close by her for five days. We decided to have Jean be a possible relief assistant my client was thinking of hiring so she would be accompanying her everywhere and getting to know what was required of this position.

It was five days of smooth sailing for my client and for me knowing we had our bases covered. Jean’s an amazing person to work with. She later accompanied my client on several other ventures which entailed high-risk situations that weren’t worth the chance of a possible relapse. Jean’s highly accomplished with the work she does, very knowledgeable about addiction and works extremely well with industry professionals. Referring to Jean is a pleasure because I know my clients are in capable hands.

- T.M. Beverly Hills, CA